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Our Philosophy

"Helping Students Find Their Path to Success"


Towles Educational Consulting believes that students and their families deserve a personal, organized approach to the college search and selection process. Incorporating extensive first-hand knowledge of over 200 colleges, we develop a customized plan for each student based on academic abilities and needs as well as social and extracurricular interests. Towles Educational Consulting works with students and families to relieve anxiety and to empower students with the tools necessary to find colleges that are a "good fit" - where they can thrive, be successful, and become mature, independent adults.


You Have Questions

  • Which schools are right for my student?
  • Can my student combine academics and performing arts?
  • What if my student wants to continue a sport at the collegiate level?
  • When should my student take standardized tests?
  • When are applications due?
  • Does my student qualify for need-based financial aid, merit aid, or scholarships?
  • Should my student consider alternatives like a "gap year"?


We Have Answers

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